Solar Battery System | Florida

Hi @Allison ,

Sounds like you are getting closer. Any chance of getting a screen grab of the quote to get details of the models etc?

Jason has done an really good review of SolarEdge products here:

The article explains why indeed the optimisers that I assume you are being quoted for, do benefit performance, especially if there are some concerns around consistent sunlight.

They are certainly quality brands. What battery brand have they quoted?


Hey @Marty,

This took a hot minute to receive, but here it is! This quote includes everything (inverters, batteries, installation, setup, etc.) except the cost of the panels, which I am importing. Please let me know your thoughts on pricing. This is the first quote I have received for this particular system so as of now I only have a completely different solar system quote to compare it to.

Hi Allison,

The SolarEdge and LG Chem are both good products, but I think we’ve already established that. Sounds like you get some pretty wild storms in Puerto Rico, I’d have a close look at the racking specs to make sure it is quality stuff. I’m assuming that the installers are local? Can you get a review from previous customers (and make sure no panels have flow off the roof in the last storm)?

Regarding pricing, seems ok. What are the battery models?

Thoughts @Svarky,


Hi Alison,

Pricing is very reasonable. My only concern is the backup capability of the SolarEdge storedge system. SolarEdge are very good but they are designed as backup system for critical loads only and do not have a generator auto-start control system so this will be a manual operation.
If the manual start generator is not a big concern then this is a great system, however it maybe a little undersized on the PV side.

Goodluck with everything, hopefully the installers do a good job.

@Marty & @Svarky Thank you for your input. Based on our past experience with solar panels blowing off the roof during Hurricane Maria, the racking system was a big concern. We have gone over his racking system thoroughly and talked to past customers of his. I am confident with what he has in mind. The battery models are LG Chem RESU10 9.8 Kw. Does this seem like the right fit for our circumstances?

The installer has explained that the lack of auto-start control is the only major con of this system. However, he assured us that he can still design our system to work in that way, it will just take extra steps. If this sounds unrealistic, please call out the B.S. and bring me back down to reality lol :slight_smile: Everyone’s insight has been super helpful in this process!

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We have put two of our battery backup system in Puerto Rico one on a trailer and one mounted on a shed. A consumption of 2,500 KWH is high I would look first at demand reduction. if you our contact in PR I can furnish this

I don’t see any solar panels quoted

I am importing our own panels. Thank you for the offer, but I have found the right guy for the job (hopefully) :slight_smile:

Well best of luck with you