Solahart Solar Quote


I have received a quote from Solahart. They have pushed fairly strongly for their own brand panels and inverter. Solahart Black 300W solar panels and Solahart ABB single phase inverter. The quote is $7495. I have the option to use different panels and inverter if I so choose. I have read some dodgy reviews about ABB and I am leaning towards a Fronius Primo inverter, which would be the same price. I think the panels seem okay. What are your thoughts on this deal? Is it a fair price? Are the Solahart products reliable? Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi Solarhart is a large well known company but they may well use contractors to do the installation which may not be an issue if they are local?
The new generation ABB solar inverters are much better than the old PVI series but you really cannot beat the Fronius Primo for quality and reliability. I would definitely go the Fronius Primo inverter if it is the same price.
As for the panels I would ask them who manufacturers the panels for Solarhart and what are the warranty conditions? If you have a specification sheet for the panels feel free to post it up and we can see the details.


Thank you for your response.


Specs look similar to some of the well known manufacturers such as Q cells. 12 year product warranty is good and degradation rates are also good. I’m guessing these are rebranded Q cells panels which is a good sign.
What size system did you get in the quote? Use our solar price calculator to check the price is reasonable…


It says 20 x 300W solahart Black series panels Plus 1 Fronius Primo 5.0k inverter = $7495


So it’s a 6kW system… Not a bad price for good panels and a Fronius inverter. You could also get the additional rebate if you are in Victoria?


Not in Victoria but I think I am happy with the price if these panels are a reliable buy.


Why would you rebrand a good brand like QCells, seems strange. Probably worth confirming with Solahart as to who the actual manufacturer is @hbmeri.