Rip off or not?

My brother, a disabled pensioner living in a mobile home park, had a system installed by Sun Select at a cost of $4,041 in April 2020. They arranged a no interest loan for him. It still hasn’t been turned on.

He was asked by the company to take a photo of the electrical switchboard and send it to them to ensure that it was compliant and installation could go ahead. They said yes. The system was installed. As of today the 16th October 2020, 6 months later, he still does not have the solar system working. Afyer installation he contacted his electricity supplier who came out and they said that I needed a MPD. He had this installed at a cost of $440. He contacted his supplier after this and they sent someone to install the smart meter. This electrician told him that me couldn’t do it as the power box was not compliant and said that my brother needed the whole electricity box upgraded and SPD’s installed in order to isolate the load side of the meter. Sunselect was supposed to advise him of all issues in a Certificate of Compliance but he was never given one. He is now looking at a whole new meter box at a cost of $1,200 and he doesn’t have the money to do it. He rang Sun Select but now they don’t want to know. He is paying off the loan but has no system. What should he do?



Not a bad idea.

This is a terrible story @jarama. Perhaps one for the ombudsman, or the likes of NCAT/VCAT? No reputable solar company I know would not include the cost of any electrical upgrade in the final quote before going ahead with the install.

Bad reviews, or the threat of them, often go a long way to get a resolution.

They already blocked my comments on their Facebook site.