Residential quote 6kW - Fronius or Solar Edge?

Looking at 3 residential quotes on the South Coast of NSW.
All three are large enough to cover our needs.

Also, would it be worth while upgrading to -SOLAR EDGE HD WAVE inverter for an additional $650 or is the difference negligible from the fronius?

        - Option one -    $8,623

19 LG Neon2 345w panels @6.55-kw
Fronius Primo 6.0-1 6kw inverter

        - Option two -    $8,160

20 LG Neon2 330w panels @6.6-kw
Fronius Primo 5.0-1 5kw inverter

      - Option three -    $7,100

20 Hanwha Qcells Q.peak 310w panels @ 6.2kw
Fronius Primo 5.0-1 5kw inverter

Thank you for the help.

Hi James,

All very reasonable quotes but I would definitely go with one of the two LG Neon 2 options. The LG panels are much better performaning than the Qcells.

If you don’t have any serious shading issues I would stick with the Fronius inverter as they are pretty much bullet proof. Would be a very solid package.

As for 5 or 6kW it depends on your energy consumption. How much is your average daily usage? Generally it’s worth going slightly larger if you can afford it.


Hi James, I agree with svarky to go with LG, just a better product. Personally though I am a fan of Solaredge for a number of reasons, but fronius is still an excellent product. Just a couple of things to consider with the size though, how big is your current power usage and are you planning on more load in the future (pool, air conditioning, batteries, electric car??) With a system of this quality, you can expect 20yr life + which is one reason I like Solaredge, you can easily add more panels in the future without the worry of mis matching. If you are not planning on any load increase or batteries, then the 5kw inverter would be a better choice as they have already quoted the maximum array size assuming it suits your load profile. The 6kW inverter you can oversize to 7.9kW without batteries or 9kw with batteries. The STC’s (government credit) are based on your array size and generally offer a better playback when maximised.