Quoted $9500 for 24 Canadian Solar Panels and Goodwee inverter. Thinking too high?

Hi all. Brand new to this forum and solar thing so if seemingly very uninformed it’s because I am!
Just got the above quote via a door to doorer which has initiated me actually doing some form of research. SE Qld site, no shade problems at all with a north facing roof that can fit 24 panels. They also offered ABB inverter instead for $10K. Am thinking I’m better off looking for better inverter but really no idea. Any guidance would be muchly appreciated.
Thanks in advance…

Hi @Pacfea

You’ve come to the right place, welcome.

It does seem too high. I’m surprised there are still door to door solar salespeople, amazing. Have you read the Guide to Buying Solar yet? Please do, good place to start.

Canadian Solar is fine. I think it’s definitely worth getting a couple more quotes, and also get a quote on some of the products we point to in the Guide.


Hi Pacfea

Please email me at sales@solarnextgen.com.au for a discussion. I don’t want to just quote without understanding your circumstances but can confirm the quote you have received is very high.

Thanks and Best Regards

Ivan Colaco