Quote Feedback - Sydney, AU


I’d appreciate some feedback on a quote i have received.
Post code is 2023. Double Story house.

30 x Longi 370W Monocrystalline Solar Panels = 11.1kW
Goodwe 10kW Inverter (Free wifi Monitoring + Battery Ready) - I believe its a GW10KL-DT
Complete Installation, Assisting connection to the grid
10-year Installation warranty

Price : $6,600 (this is after the rebate which I have a feeling is around $6K)

Seems to me that the Longi Panels are decent quality. Don’t understand their warranty though as says 10 year for Materials & Processing, 25 years for Extra Linear Power Output.
But also seems the Inverter is one of the most critical components. This will be mounted outdoors as they have said it needs to be next to electricity meter which is in a cupboard away from the house, but no space in the cupboard for the inverter. We live about 2km from the ocean.

Im new to this and have some many opinions.
Would be good to get your thoughts please.
Price seems pretty good, but am I missing something

Hi @stich

Welcome, and good questions.

In my opinion, these brands are pretty run of the mill. That’s a big system you are looking at, and whilst pretty cheap for what you are getting, still a big investment. My point is that if you are outlaying that much, it might be worth paying and additional $2k or so for some top quality stuff, especially when you consider this equipment will be on your roof for 25+ years (and you’re close to the ocean). At a minimum I’d get a few extra quotes, and find out home much more it costs to get an inverter or panel brand in our best panel/inverter articles.

Have you read the Guide yet?


Hi Marty

Thanks for the reply.
I read the articles on best panels and inverters and noticed that these were not in the top rating list. Did see that the Longi panels seems to be well rated in US but not here.

Trying to figure out what’s more important. The panels or the inverter. Not keen to overspend and trying to work out what elements really make a difference. I know someone who put a similar system in for triple the cost.

Any further feedback on which components are most critical that you would look at would be appreciated.


Hi @stich, you’ll get this info from the Guide, it’s a short read.

They Both matter your panels and inverter , Longi is one of the biggest manufacturers in mono crystalline panels rated tier 1 in Australia by CEC ( Clean Energy Council) and so is the Goodwe inverter , I think you have a great price for a big system like that and cheap.
All warranties are with the manufacturers.

Good luck on your choice.

Hi @GoSolar

The CEC does not rank panels and or inverters as far as I am aware. Could you please link to that?