Off grid install


Hi Jason, I recently seen your off grid install pictorial I was wondering who can supply and help with this in stall I’m over on the west coast Australia . Is it a system that is DIY ?


HI Pavlov,

Unfortunately off-grid systems are definitely not DIY. Modern off-grid systems use high-voltage solar arrays and inverters which must be installed by a certified electrical professional.

Are you building an off-grid home? If you are only building a shed or cabin and require very low power requirements like light lights, chargers etc then there are some DIY options. Anything more than that and you will need to have some experience/knowledge in designing and installing off-grid power systems or you will have lots of issues and may waste a lot of money.

I don’t know any off-grid installers in WA. You should ask around and do some research first.


Have spoke to a couple of local suppliers would like to use your off grid set up after reading your review. Would you be able supply only and I’ll get my own electrician to do install?


Hi Pavlov,

Sorry I’m a designer and installer, not a wholesaler, I cannot transport goods to WA. I don’t believe a standard electrician who has no experience with off-grid inverters and control equipment would not be able to program the inverters or correctly setup the system.

Hopefully you can find someone in your area who can help.


The main question is does it need to be off grid


To answer your question does it need to be off grid well yes. Being a rural property and the distance to the grid the cost to run cable this would be better invest this money in a off grid system.