Longi Mono Perc ABB Uno Gympie QLD

Longi 315W Mono Perc Half cut 21 off
ABB UNO DM 5.0 TL PLUS 5.0kW inverter
Titan Solar Tin Racking & Rail
Installed by Apex solar Brisbane
Price $13,244 STC Rebate $3,744
Subtotal $9,500
Thinking is to much

Yeah, seems a bit on the expensive side. You should get some more quotes and compare.

Check out this
No office in Australia is a big problem.
ABB is a bit average too, Fronius, SMA or better still Enphase Micro’s
we sell Fronius with a smart meter and Lg NeOn2’ for a bit over $8,000
after stc’s but we’re in Sunny WA.

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Hi Rene, let me show you the Maths of Solar Quotes, so you can tell what is a good quotes

  1. Price of Panels , you will need 4 info. Make, Model , Panel size in Watts & cost of panel in per watts Ex Warehouse the /w in your case is LONGI LNG-LR6-60HPH-315M is 0.55 each panels cost 315watts x 0.55 $173.25 Ex warehouse
    BUT for MY RRP 173.25 / 0.8 to cover GST and handling to you ie $216.56 per panel
    TOTAL cost of Panels $216.56 x 21 panels = $4547

1A working out the rebates from your given Info 315W x 21 panels =.6.615 Kw sys
Gympie could be solar Zone 2 (1.536 ), STC assigement for 12 years for 2019 ,
so STC generated is 6.615 x 1.536 x 12 = about 122 certificates generated
presently the STC value estimated at $34 at worst case i.e. 122 x 34 = 4148
Its NORMAL to give less than $34 per STC ( to cover risk in case STC fall in price and cost of STC generations ), So everyone set their own discount - This is not regulated
In your case you are quoted $3744 from 122 STC ie $3744 / 122 about $30 per STC PANEL NET COST ($4547 - $3744 ) is $803

2 Price of Inverters Ex warehouse estimated $1300 RRP is $1300 / 0.8 = 1625

3 Cost of railing $10 per panels so $20 x 21 = $410

4 Bit & Pieces ie BOS about $500 ( isolators x 4 , DC cables, AC org Circular, labels etc )

5 Company Charges incl all overhead , Installers , Admins , logistics ,

if you PAY $9500 to cover Panels, Inveter , railing ,Bos the rest is RETAILING COST

$9500 minus ( 803 + 1625 + 410 + 500 )
$9500- $3338
Company PROFITS & COST is $6162

Some company have high overhead, Directors fees , Secetary, Support Team , Logistics, Accountant Cost, Most have Google Cost or Advertisement and so on
On the other hand CEC installers do buisness from their SOVO ( Small Office Van Office )
If you engage a local CEC Installer they will Charged at most $140 per panel
for 21 panels i.e. $2940 as a RETAILING COST so a saving of $6162 - $2940 = $3222
The RRP is therefore $3338 + $3222 = $6560
I hope this article will enlighten you on HOW TO PRICE SOLAR SYSTEM
Thank you

Regards Mel of Solar Hybrid Solutions

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Hi Mel what do you think about Jingo solar panels are they a good solar panel

Hi Rene,
That appear to be lining someone’s deep pockets, but everyone need to make a profit !
However, the Half cut panels (if using 12BB & PERC) are the latest & greatest, largely designed for use where there will be Shading issues over the panels, BUT they should not cost more than $0.08 extra per watt $550~$650 more than standard panels.

Check this out: 17x 380W, 5kW inverter - no installation, cost $6’600