Leapton and Growatt

Hello, I’m fairly new to the idea of installing solar so playing a fair bit of catch-up. We have received a quote for Leapton solar panels (LR158-M-60_H 330W) with a Growatt inverter (5000 TL-X). The installation company are local and appear genuine/honest. I just couldn’t find much online about the equipment manufacturers. Does anyone know much about them? It’s just for residential so doesn’t need to premium but keen to buy something that will do a good job. We will be grateful for any help or guidance provided … thank you!

Hi @Deana

I have never heard of Leapton solar panels and Growatt inverters do not have a great reputation so I would suggest getting some more quotes. Did the company provide a detailed quote or do a site inspection? Do they also offer higher quality panels or inverters?

Where are you located?

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