Fronius and Tigo TS4-R

I have been quoted for the following, installed, 6.6Kw system

LONGI 300W mono perc panels x 22
Fronius 5Kw inverter

Total: $6,400 ( after rebate)

TIGO Optimiser TS4-R units would be additional $$81.

Any comments on the value for money ?

I have seen on-line ads quoting less than $4000; butads give no specification regarding the parts and their quality.

Hi @Bushwalk, I think it’s best to ignore those ads completely. $6.4k is probably at the cheaper end of what you’d want to consider, cheaper than that and you’re getting into the too good to be true realm. You’ve got to cut corners somewhere in order to get those really low prices.

This quote looks decent. Can you get a quote with LG, or REC panels, or any other panels on this top 10 list here, just to compare:

With the Tigo, did you mean to say $481 extra? It would depend on your roof as to whether it’s worth it. Probably only worth taking a look at if you have any sort of shading issues.

As we always say, the really important element is the company you buy from. Make sure you are confident and happy with them, and if you’re not 100% sure, make sure you get quotes from a few different ones. Also try and get a quote from a local electrician, especial if you know one that is recommended.

See the “Who should I buy solar from” chapter in our “Guide to Buying Solar” eBook.


HI Marty
Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
The local electrical /supplier/ installer who provided the quote is very reputable, and very pleasant to deal with. So I have no issues on that front.
The $6,600 quote of LONGI 300W MONO PERC panels , plus the Fronius Inverter 5Kw, included GST, and was after deduction of the subsidy. SO it appears not too bad at all.

Due to slight early morning shading on four of the panels, my installer recommended providing four TIGO OPTIMISERS only, at around and additional $80 each.

As I am a mature age technology and data enthusiast , he has also suggested an optional Fronius Smart Meter ( single phase) at around $490, should I wish to indulge myself.

In addition to LONGI, this supplier also provides panels from several other manufacturers including Risen, Jinko, Trina, Seraphim, REC and LG.

He seemed to like the LONGI MONO (better than split cell?) panels for my system.

Any comments?

Thank you