Fronius 3 phase with longi or QCell Panels Quote review


Installed on a 2 storey Tiled roof, 12 panels North, 10 Panels West.
North Western Sydney, company is based in Silverwater.

Fonius 5KW 3 Phase with 22X Longi 310W Mono panels, $5650

Alternatively with QCell Perc panels X22 $6550

Im thinking i will go with the Longi Panels, same warranty. similar performance over 25 years they just dont have a local office so warranty issues have to go through the importer.


Hi @tjgriff

That’s a good question, whether to buy the premium panels or the “value” brand at a significantly cheaper price. I don’t know the answer. I use to err on the side of the value brand, but have more recently been converted to see the long term benefit of paying the premium price for higher quality. I think it comes down to a personal choice based on whether you have the extra $1k to spend, and your risk levels (there’s generally less of a chance of anything going wrong if you choose the premium option).

Having said that, I argue in our Guide To Buying Solar eBook that the decision of who to buy solar from is much more important. If I was really confident in the company that I was buying from, then I would be more comfortable buying the “value” brand of panels over the premium. Please take a look at the chapter on this:

Ch 2. Who should I Buy Solar From


Thanks Marty,

I went with the Longi Panels
They have been installed for 2 weeks now, very happy with the install.

Our Location is The Ponds NSW
12 North, 10 West.

Generating anywhere from 12kWh on a bad day up to 38kWh on a good day.


The installer had Longi panels and liked them over the Q Cell


Fantastic, thanks for the update @tjgriff. Can you recommend the installer, what was the company you went with?



I Sure can,
JT Solar, Trading as Aussie Hybrid Solar

Thanks again for letting us all pick your brain Marty