Feedback | Roadmap and feature requests

Photonik is built by solar professionals for solar professionals. We want to make the coolest, simplest to use tool, with the most awesome features. Please reply below to tell use the features you most want to see, whether they are already on the roadmap, or completely new ones.

  1. UK and International version
    ⊙ We have a lot of UK users but need to make some currency and rebate changes so that they can create and share our proposals with customers

  2. Customise the Proposal Summary
    ⊙ Add your company logo
    ⊙ Upload PDFs to accompany the Proposal Summary

  3. Add consumptions profiles
    ⊙ Currently we just have a default double peak consumption profile, we want to add some more
    ⊙ Adding customised consumption profiles (i.e. from meter data) is out of scope of this one

  4. Customised consumption profiles
    ⊙ Ability to create customised consumption profiles from the customers’ meter data

  5. Panel Placement tool
    ⊙ Create polygon with more than 4 sides
    ⊙ Ability to edit the polygon
    ⊙ Upload a building plan or custom image to draw panels on