Enphase IQ8

Hi, I’m thinking of holding out till IQ8 is released to the market in going from my present single phase 6 KW grid tied basic system to a hybrid, off grid capable system. I am a sparky.
I’m on 3 phase which presents some issue’s. I don’t have any 3 phase appliances.

Currently I have a back up permanently mounted 11KVA single phase diesel geny, so when I lose power, I can manually turn the changeover switch which shorts out all three phases on the load side and start the geny.

My question regarding IQ8 is and feel free to pull it apart and maybe no one knows the answer yet, I’d like to put more panels in across all three phases in the future, maybe 9KW in total, and change over from my Solax single phase 5KW grid tied inverter to Enphase micro inverters IQ8.
It appears the microinverters can detect the frequency/phase and sync as needed but what if in a hybrid system where I’d like to run it all as single phase when the grid is down, can the microinverters sense that it is all on one phase now when a change over switch shorts out all three phases and adjust accordingly to the new reference frequency? ie: the battery bank is generating single phase only, charged up by the single phase geny when needed.

Single phase is simpler/cheaper for components and ensuring the most is made from power generated as well as the Cat/Gough Geny is single phase.

Any thoughts