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I’m new to Solar, and doing my research. Would like to install solar, choices I have are TrinaSoltaro 4kw with Fronius Inverter approx $6650 13 x 305W or Sunpower 4kws with Fronius inverter 10 x 320W approx $7800. Still to get written quote as the installer needs to come out to do site inspection. Warranty for Trina panels is 10 years whereas Sunpower is 25 years. My budget is being far stretched if I go for the Sunpower panels.
In your opinion how good are Trina panels in terms of efficiency and performance? is 10 year warranty normal warranty period for solar panels?

Hi, Trina are a well known manufacturer which are trusted and reliable however they will not perform at the same level for 25 years like Sunpower which are one of the worlds best manufacturers.

Most well known manufacturers have a 10 year product warrant and 25 year performance warranty but only a few like Sunpower and LG also have a 25 year product warranty. This is all explained in detail in the article below

Where are you located?

Thanks for the tip. Makes sense to go with the better warranty even though bit more expensive. I’m located in South East Melbourne.

Hi @augusdo,

How did you go with this installation? Which installer did you go with, where they any good? Hope it all went smoothly for you.


See our Solar Power Melbourne page:

Hi Marty,
I went with Gippsland Solar who did a good job installing the system. It’s been working well since April. Had the inspector come to check the installation who said the job was done very well. So far so good. Good my first electricity bill and saw the reduction in costs.

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