Ch 5. How much does solar cost? How much should I spend?

Use our Solar Price Calculator to get a rough estimate of the cost of a solar system.

It is important to note, that you neither want to pay too much nor too little for a solar system. It might sounds strange that you would not want to pay too little, but think about it as if you were going out to dinner. There are a lot of restaurants competing for your business on price, and when you pay very little, you generally get poor quality food. You might get a reasonably tasty meal, but it probably won’t leave you feeling particularly spritely afterward. It is the same with solar in that if you buy a cheap system, you are far more likely to have a headache later on. In order to install cheap systems, the company will need to cut corners somewhere. Either on the components that are being installed, or on installation costs. Fortunately, just like restaurants, there is an easy way to separate the wheat from the chaff, simply google it! There are a huge number of reviews online for solar companies now.

Unlike buying dinner however, it is a lot easier to get ripped off when buying solar. When buying dinner you will presumably look at the menu first, and because you have eaten out many times before you generally know what a fair price to pay is. With some luck, you will only buy a solar system once though, so unless you do your research (and use our Solar Price Calculator), you probably have no idea how much a system should cost. It is not common, but there are solar companies that charge a very high price for the same, or even a lesser quality system, that you can get much cheaper elsewhere.

With solar, as with eating out, there is a pricing sweet spot. Our Solar Price Calculator is not perfect (see the disclaimer before using it), but you can use it to get a rough idea of what you should pay. This is another reason why we recommend getting multiple quotes when buying solar, so you have a reference point.

You can use our Solar Price Calculator to get a rough idea of the cost of solar before proceeding further. However, you may also want to return to the Calculator further along the process, after you have worked out what brands to buy, how big a system you want, and once you have some quotes. See the next section to find out about brands that you should buy, in the meantime you can put a generic choice into the calculator (like “other premium brand”).

If you are looking for the best solar products at a cheaper price point, see here:

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