Canadian solar inverters - Are they any good?


Does anyone have any good or bad information on the Canadian Solar 5kw single phase inverters?

Been quoted this on a system (paired with Canadian solar panels) and there is very little information available. Seems to be a new product to an already busy market.


Hi Dan,

I had only every seen the Canadian Solar inverters at the All energy expo. They were not residential inverters though, only a larger commercial inverter.

I didn’t know they were even selling a smaller 5kW solar inverter in Australia (assuming you are in Australia?).

Do you have any spec’s or photos?

I am in WA. The datasheet is dated 2016 so I’m assuming it’s been ongoing development since then. I did find a 2018 v3.0 data sheet in another company website. Not on manufacturer one.

I have seen they do some
Commercial ones. Even then not sure if they get a good review.

I screen shot the data sheet. Hope it attaches ok.


Very interesting, I’d like to know more about them. I’m wondering if they are re-branded inverters from another well known manufacturer?

If your confident and trust the solar installer then it might be a good option? I’d be keen to hear how they perform

UPDATE: the Canadian Single phase 5kW solar inverter is a rebranded Growatt inverter. It’s the older model as well which doesn’t have a very good reputation…

The newer Growatt inverters seem to be much better than these older models.

The specs are identical on both inverters. I’d be avoiding this one though.

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Very good find. The specs do line up and the design appears identical. I was avoiding growatt in general.

Thanks very much for the great work.

Wow, good find indeed @Svarky, I was very curious about this one.

Seems super strange business decision by Canadian Solar to rebrand an average inverter as theirs :thinking: