6.6kw quotes, LG Neon 2 or Neon R which one is better

Look awesome… Only thing is they should have removed the blue plastic off the isolator cover. I can be difficult to peel off but it will look much better.

Do you mind if we (CER) use your photo to promote quality solar?

I actually don’t mind with the blue sticker on there, it looks appearing for me :grin:
Feel free to you the photo, happy if this will be useful for any one in the future for reference.

Great stuff Helman,

Looks great and have fun hitting the 50💪
Still waiting on my install, was supposed to be next Thursday but something has gone wrong with our booking - bloody painful as we had the roof resto done 8 weeks ago now and was excited for the install. Ah well, shyte happens, have waited this long so little longer won’t hurt. I’ll just keep jumping on here for my solar fix. Have you looked into the extra warranty on the micros? As far as I’m aware you can pay extra and extend the micro warranty out to 25yrs with the Encare package after installation. I’ll definitely check it out once installed.

Hi @Chris2,

hopefully you will get your system up soon!

I actually look at to extend the warranty to 25 years for my 20x MI, that will cost me another AU$685.00 and I still thinking is that worth the money or not, because 20 years warranty is almost hafted $376.40 and for 15 years is $162.60

And there is another subscription that draws my attention, the Enlighten Manager, it will cost another AU$14.99/month or $349 for lifetime, not sure if it’s useful for the consumer or not, I might try it for a month later when my system is fully running (still not feed in to the grid, waiting for the meter supplier to configure my meter).

Ah okay that’s great to know regarding options. I’ll have a look at the enlighten manager, didn’t know about that. Agree it’s a lot of $$$ on top of forking out for a quality system.
Keep us updated.

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LG are good quality 25 year manufacture’s warranted panels but I don’t think the extra price is worth it compared to 10 or 12 year manufacturer’s warranted panels that are quality panels and well supported in Aus (see solarquotes brands of panels). They should be serviceable for at least 25 years too and you could replace most of them with the extra price paid for LG. I think the LG premium amounts to a massive insurance premium that there is an extremely low likelihood of claiming on. Indeed who knows if the technology will still be relevant in 10 plus years or that a warranty claim will be honoured. Bigger companies then LG have failed.