6.6kW CSUN & Growatt quote


We have been quoted a price of $7200 for a 6.6Kw system - 22 x 300 CSUN mono panels with a 5KW GROWATT inverter, fully installed with tilt frames on 2nd Storey flat roof. These brands haven’t been mentioned in the top 10. Are these brands any good?
We are in melbourne.

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Hi Gazliz

These are very well known brands, but you’re right, they are not in the top panel or inverter lists. Growatt has been used very extensively, they have often been offered as a “value” brand by installers.

For the price you have been quoted, I would expect higher quality products I.e. those that have been named in our best panel and inverter articles.

Hope that helps,


That is a rather high price for very ‘cheap’ entry level panels and inverter. I would definitely get some more quotes from other companies.
Considering the panels are on tilts and roof access might be difficult this will add a little more to the cost but you should be able to get better quality panels and inverter for slightly higher price.


My Personal choice is REC 320 N-type Mono now is 25 years product warantty WHY? it is PERT technology , half cut cell, as menton earlier the N type cell do not suffer from low light degradation LID . Lastly it is price to sell ,


Thank you all, getting more quotes, but hard to determine who are reputable installers.