5kWp + 10kWh Quote in Austria


Here in Austria the photovoltaic system is fairly “heavy” supported by state. You could get a subsidies for the complete system. Quite a bit for the battery part (50% of costs), panel parts approximately 20%.
One might be lucky and get the subsidies, but might also happen that you won’t get them. There is quite bit of bureaucracy behind, so it might be quite comfortable to outsource it elsewhere. You also get 12 - 25 year warranty.

I have been explained that the 5kWp & 10kWh are a good combination for a 4 person family :slight_smile:

I am not much familiar with the systems and how are they all called, But the offer is system 1. panels 5kWp (the rest of not used electricity is sold back to the distribution grid) or also combined with the 2. battery system 10kWh that will charge the battery and than the rest will be sold back to grid

So I would like to review the quotes and get inside if the quotes are feasible.

  1. Panel System 5kWp
  • Hardware … … … … … … … … … 5610 €
    18x GCL P6/60 275W
    18x SolarEdge P300-5
    1x SolarEdge 3680 HD Wave
  • Installation costs… … … … … … … 2270 €
  • Subsidies … … … … … … … … … -1240 €
    Sum … … … … … … … … … … … 6640 €
  1. Battery System 10kWh
  • Hardware … … … … … … … … … 6700 €
    LG Chem Resu 10H / 9,3kWh
    StorEdge Sesti S4
    SolarEdge Modbus 50-100A
  • Installation costs … … … … … … … 730 €
  • Subsidies … … … … … … … … … -4650 €
    Sum … … … … … … … … … … … 2780 €

So the total costs for the both systems 9480€ + 20% Tax, so roughly 11 400€

Is this the win win situation or would I be ever able to get something similar with reduced costs. Only the installation costs are 3000€. I am not sure about the component costs if the provided prices makes sense.
How much of those % of those 5kWp / 10kWh I would be able to use and how much I would have to sell back to grid. Are there any comparable systems that I would not have to be selling back to grid?

Another detail is that Austria has not so much sun as Australia or even Spain. So would the investment be worth and renting within X years?

thanks a lot for any help!!!



Hi there @hramat

Thanks for posting, that’s very interesting insight into the Austrian solar market. I am surprised by how heavily the battery system is subsidised, compared to the solar system.

Regarding sunlight, I think you’ll get enough. You won’t get much over winter of course, but probably 15kWh a day on average with a 5kWp solar system. The sizing seems fine, but @Svarky would be better to answer that.

I think pricing for the battery system is very good, and the components are all good. The solar system price is higher than we would pay here, but our subsidies on the solar panels are higher. It is not too expensive I think, and the SolarEdge products are good, useful to have the optimisers. My only concern would be with the panels, I am not very familiar with GLC. If you are going to spend ~ 10k€ I think it’s worth getting some top quality panels. See if you can get an option that is on our top 10 list:

Is it worth the investment? There’s a lot to weigh up there. But assuming that you can offset every kWh that your system generates, you could do a (very) rough calculation by assuming a 15kWh reduction per day from your electricity bill and see how long that would take to pay off the system.

Hope that helps. Please keep us updated, very interested to hear how it turns out.

By the way, have you read our Guide To Buying Solar? It’s a good place to start.



hello Marty

Thank you very much for you fast response.

Yes, the batteries are highly subsidized mainly this year, it seems that someone have made a mistake and they have not change it afterwards. The panels are lower subsidized because the subsidies are running already for some year and they are getting lower each year. I guess battery systems are fairly new and therefore higher subsidized. It is for sure that next year would be both lower again.

I have been checking our electricity usage and we had those years we live in this house 22 & 28 kWh/Day (<10 000 kWh/Year). So if I would be able to save 15kWh. Which would mean a 55 - 70% saving. Bringing the investment roughly in 14 years back.
When I submit the higher usage, they have reviewed the quote and would rather propose 7kWp / 14kWh.

Thank you for the link to the panels review, I saw the document already, printed it also out and went through, I have also printed from this forum the other component guides. I am not sure why they chose the GCL panels (he said something about QCell but do not remember what), and on internet I found some information about them (cheap, big firm,…). Yes I would also rather go to some well known marks.

Anyway on the new quote for 7kWh he used already QCell Plus G4.3
I will definitely ask details about panels and components, I am also not sure why in Austria some chose other components than Fronius (as Austrian firm).

Earlier mentioned GLC was a typo, sorry for that, should have been GCL

thanks a lot again for help


Yes good point! When I think of Austria, I think of Fronius. It’s funny you have not been quoted with Fronius. Do you have shading issues? SolarEdge has panel level optimisation, which is good if you have any shading issues, or your panels are in an areas where they might get dirty.

QCell should be a good option.

Keep us posted.




good questions, Yes probably we have more shades than in Australia. In summer we have a lot of sun with a little clouds but the winter is fairly cloudy. As you wrote I’ve seen the Solar Edge having some kind of trick. I would also rather like to go with QCell

Anyway, He gave me some discounts on installation but on the other hand submitted a reviewed quote with Solar Edge 5k Battery Inverter for 2000€ which I found on Internet for 1200€, similar way, LG Chem Resu 13 quoted for almost 8000€ which I found on internet for 6000€

will probably search someone else or do it by my self