10KW Sydney solar quote Western Sydney

I’m after 10KW solar system and I’ve got 3 quotes from CEC approved retailers in western Sydney.

10.56KW QCELLS.PEAK DUO G5 PLUS (32x330W) + 10KW SMA TRIPOWER 10KW + Solar Analytics for $10800 from beyondsolar.
10.56KW QCELLS.PEAK DUO G5 PLUS (32x330W) + 10KW Fronius inverter + Solar Analytics for $11970 from Penrith Solar centre.
10.56KW QCELLS.PEAK DUO G5 PLUS (32x330W) + 10KW Fronius inverter + Fronius smart meter for $11000 from Soltek energy.

Logically speaking I should be going for the lower quote, but wondering if any of you have used these installers and recommend?


Hi @hechesspee

They are pretty hard to split, very similar quotes.

Given the similarity in price, I wouldn’t be too focused on that. But rather the reviews and rating of the companies. Go for the most reputable one, it’s the most important decision you can make. Read more about how to choose here:

Is there limited roofspace? i am not sure why they are not overclocking the inverter by 30%. If the panels are not perfectly facing north then chances are you will not get the maximum out of your inverter.

I have gone with 11.88 KW panels. It was under my spending budget.